older songs

love your enemy

Now listen children
you’ve got to love your enemy
love your enemy
sing it with me
you’ve got to

love your enemy, love your enemy, you heard me
love your enemy, love your enemy, that’s right
love your enemy, love your enemy
And if that don’t sound right to you, child
don’t come crying to me
I’ve heard it since I was a kid
I didn’t say it; Jesus did
love, love, love, love, love your enemy

love your enemy, love your enemy, children
love your enemy, who’s your enemy, I told you
love your enemy, love your enemy
I got it straight from Matthew
chapter five, verse forty-three
there’s one way to stop a fight
he put it down in black and white
love, love, love, love, love your enemy

love your enemy, love your enemy, yes
love your enemy, love your enemy, please
love your enemy, love your enemy
even close friends
leave room to disagree
but if you must make enemies
just remember: aim to please
love, love, love, love, love, love, love

sweet talker

sweet talker, I see what you mean
you got a lot of good lines
to read in between
go ahead
take back what you said
I still believe what I seen
I know you don’t mean what you say
but I see what you mean

sweet talker, you make my head spin
time for a taste of your medicine
the doctor is out and the vertigo’s in
mmmmm, what can I do? ??


sweet talker, the things we could do
just do unto like you wanna be done to
sorry I can’t take my eyes off you
mmmmm, what would you do

thank you for all your sweet nothing
I don’t need no more, your silence is golden
the jewelry is out and the verdict is in
mmmmm, you just can’t win

(refrain, repeat last lines)

place in my heart

on the santa fe line, there’s a place in my heart
that used to be no place at all
where the wildflowers grow up one night in the spring
and there is such a thing as the fall

we can still hear the train whistle blow
walking out in the woods in our bare feet
whether we stay here, or whether we go
why is it so bittersweet

we shoot for the stars and we fall short
god only knows it’s a good thing
for every good thing that took root
a thousand are taking wing

there’s a place in my heart on the santa fe line
where the cool watermelon grows sweet on the vine
we ended up right here somehow
let’s settle this right here and now

I thought we were leaving our worries behind
they’re still packed away in the back of our minds

one way
santa fe
do we stay
or go?

home sweet home
is a real good feeling you know
when your heart is in the right place
there’s no better time to grow
sweet basil, rosemary
little dreams all in a row
I’ve got a real, good feeling
I’m taking with me when I go

well you know how a boy is who wants something badly
he don’t seem to run out of steam
nobody can keep him from seeing the world
not even the girl of his dreams

I have pictured myself every place
I have circled the world in a daydream
I never believed it was anything less
than a preview of my destiny

now i am growing older
to see what the young man could not see
as long as i’m chasing my dream
my dream is chasing me

Hold, on! I’m coming along for the ride
my place in this whirlwind is right by your side
I’ve always got more than my share
we settled it right then and there

what’s mine will be yours and what’s yours will be mine
just between you and me it’s a mighty fine line

well we just couldn’t wait for the shotgun to sound
to start a new life in this red clay
there were wellsprings to be found, bridges to build
and god willing children to raise

so this is the land of dreamers
where every one comes to an end
in a place of our own, yes, a quiet little yard
with a wildflower garden to tend

so what if we’re two late bloomers
always ending up in the same place
to get where we want to be
why don’t we change our ways

I’m afraid in my heart I have branded this town
as the place where the old laws of motion broke down
all we needed was to stall
that settled it once and for all

it’s the end of the line, it’s the end of the road
it’s the place where we finally laid down our load

the grand old scheme

Open up the shutters, open up the doors
Can’t remember what I ever shut ‘em for
If I didn’t know better
I’d have to say that it was spring again
And it don’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things

You got tulips and irises too
every time of year they know just what to do
If that ain’t something for nothing
I tell you what, it’s comforting again
And it don’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things

What’s so grand about the grand old scheme
The bigger it is, the smaller I seem
The hummingbirds are gonna buzz
The bumblebees are gonna sting again
And it don’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things

I’m telling you things are gonna change around here
Just the way I tell you they change every year
The honeybees are gonna buzz
The lovebirds are gonna sing again
And it don’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things

Open up the shutters, open up the doors
Can’t remember what I ever shut ‘em for
I sure don’t know any better
what tomorrow’s gonna bring again
But it won’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things
No it don’t change nothing in the grand old scheme of things

don’t hold me

don’t hold me in the morning
to what i said last night
i hate to hear you crying
now everything’s all right *
i told you all the right things
and you turned out the light
don’t hold me in the morning
to what i said last night

i knew just what you wanted
i swore that i’d be true
deny my name and everything
i never would deny you
but up ahead lay darkness
and when that hour came
i swore i did not know you
i took your name in vain

(refrain to *)

you knew just what i wanted
as only heaven knows
I knew we’d be together
until the rooster crowed
you are the first i trusted
the first to see me cry
the last thing that i wanted
was to say goodbye


stained glass

Is this the best
that I can do
I still have idols
who I look up to
I have graven images
images of you
I carry with me everywhere I go

you made the world
a whole new place
where light is streaming
through every surface
where we raise our spirits to
break our fall from grace
you should have come home long ago

you gave your word
and I gave mine
this is it
this is the last time
tell me every blessed thing
on your blessed mind
we share one body, bare one soul

at least I think
I’ve done my best
don’t we all
try to be honest
is this love or is it some
everlasting test
I’ve told you everything I know

God, I have changed
so have you
we just don’t see the world
the same way
we used to
God, I’ve grown to love you
and you have grown to love me too

O, I’ve broken into
a secret chest of my own
I had a sanctuary here
my, O my, how I have grown

Deep, I dug down so deep
to find a little light of mine
But nothing lit up my life
till you said shine, let it shine

sha la la la la la
I hope I’ve made myself clear
I’ve hit the bottom of my heart
there’s only one way to go from here

damn near blinded by your light
I heard you calling my name
there’s nothing I can do without you
I’m headed right back the way I came

It is a strain
to be apart
It is a strain
on your heart and my heart
don’t be a stranger now
unless you’ve done your part
unless you’ve done the best that you can do

No, then hurry home
don’t miss a thing
we’ll still have cross words
on Sunday morning
We’ll have stained glass windows
and we will sing
carry me, and I will carry you

and we will find
find a way
a way to piece
to piece together
and grow stronger
in our chosen faith
every day we will see love through


a child is born
of flesh and bones
and love comes knocking
down what we’ve outgrown
we are stained and broken
and still we’re throwing stones

the hesitation waltz

Tonight the dead go dancing
dancing back into their vaults
the dead must teach the living
the hesitation waltz *

Take your time
forgive your faults
the living are still learning
the hesitation waltz

Trust your heart
your partner halts
and love will go on leading
the hesitation waltz

Autumn has fled the orchard
after the fallen pear
the boughs have all been tortured
thoughts have all grown bare

You got a mind to wander
Leave me to die a saint
The evening star grows fonder
as mission bells grow faint

You’ll find a way by Venus
to open arms of oak
Thank God for you, my genius
Thank God for every stroke

For all the meek resistance
radiant love destroys
across a world of difference
we join in joyful noise

(refrain to *)

Somehow we split the atom
under the chestnut tree
The blazing trails of autumn
enthralled our sanity

Give me a palm to ponder
there will be doom to spare
and lonesome nights to squander
the crust of moon we share

This was our hestiation
cradle of salt and sand
the winds of war awaken
a fitful fatherland

Here lying undiscovered
everything we believe
will bloom before another
another hallows Eve


Absent without a warning
we’ll masquerade unclad
When friendship finds no mooring
the way we go is mad

Salute the bloodshot canvas
sails going up in flame
as we make out like bandits
in revolution’s name

We’ll never turn to starboard
never return to port
The memories we’ve harbored
shall be our last resort

Here is a soldier’s quarter
shadows of walnut wood
The days are growing shorter
before we die for good

the fall of man

It’s a cloudy day
in Monteverde
far above the sea
I had planned
forever now
I can’t see straight
ahead of me

Now I would pay
my last colone
just to break a smile
Open up horizon now
I cannot help
but stay a while

The fall of man is final
The fall of man is far
my guide can see; she turns to me
like I know where we are
The question is not whether
The question is not when
I find myself in love
O, I have seen the fall of many men
They proved it once in Ilium
I’ll prove it once again
All we need is here within
the fog of Santa Helena
the fog of Santa Helena

Now let us pray
it may be Sunday
where the sun is gone
Let us raise
our voices high
to celebrate
the crack of dawn

For now we know
there’s no tomorrow
once you leave the air
Praise that one
at every turn
who cannot help
but hear our prayer


Who my love
are you a child of
that I may demand
I am just
a son of God
One I know
will understand

Take my hand
I’ll be your husband
if you’ll be my bride
I fell asleep
in the dust
by your side
When I woke my hands were tied
you were nowhere to be found
Now drive him mad
from dawn to dusk
burn up incense rain down musk
shave the kernel from the husk
and bed him down
it cannot help
a weary man who’s lost himself
Marry me so I can sleep


you know when you’ve met your match
so always be prepared
Sparks will fly
and if one should catch
you must be blessed
beyond compare
Watchmen learn
just let it burn
They say that all is fair
God knows
that to start from scratch
is more than we can bear

thank you

Feels like the days are flying away
Great is our longing; short is our stay
What could be so important to say
  Thank you, thank you, thanks be to you

Together we take this moment to pray
Tell us your will and we will obey
You’ve given us more than we can repay
  Thank you, thank you, thanks be to you

What does the mother say to the son
Same as the sunset says to the moon
Same as the moonlight says to the lake
I’ve never said it a moment too soon

Humbly we thank you for your command
and when we fall for lending a hand
Thanks for the sacred ground where we stand
  Thank you, thank you, thanks be to you

We are your children, under your sway
all in due time we’re carried away
Let us not think then what we will say
  Thank you, thank you, thanks be to you

Thanks for the lovely cry of the loon
Thanks to the waves who carry the tune
Let us say thank you instead of goodbye
Why are we always leaving so soon

Feeling of peace from out of the blue
All of your children reflect upon you
in all that we say and all that we do
  Thank you, thank you, thanks be to you